Welcome to Luiz Morais official website

Brazilian 7 strings guitarist and arranger, Luiz Morais is also an inspired composer exploring a wide scope of musical influences, ranging from the musical greats of the popular Brazilian tradition as well as the masters of Jazz.

Gathering with an exciting group of instrumental musicians, Morais has formed the Luiz Morais Quintet, a group dedicated to playing the music of this promising young composer who forges ahead in creating an innovative and experimental rebirth of the Brazilian musical tradition in a wider landscape of jazz and world music.

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Album Luiz Morais Nascente

nascente_frente-page-001Recently established in London, Luiz Morais brings to the UK his debut album “Nascente” (“Rising”), which is of his sole composition. Launched to critical acclaim in April 2013 in Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza, this album is a predominately instrumental work that unites a wide range of flavours and influences, combining the most powerful rhythmic roots of Brazilian popular music with the freshness and harmonic sophistication of jazz. These elements are markedly present in the arrangements, also composed by Morais himself, resulting in an exuberant, fine and original sound.



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